Rep. Chris Corry: next week’s hearings on three initiatives to the Legislature is public’s chance to be heard

Rep. Chris Corry, R-Yakima, is reminding Washingtonians that hearings on three initiatives to the Legislature have been scheduled for next week.

“I am very disappointed Democrats did not follow our state constitution and allow public hearings for all six of the initiatives that were signed by hundreds of thousands of people in Washington,” said Corry. The good news is pressure from Republicans and the great people of this state was able to move the needle on three and next week we do have public hearings on initiatives covering police pursuits, parental rights, and personal income taxes. These hearings are your chance to have a voice on these issues.”

Joint House and Senate hearings will be held Tuesday, February 27, and Wednesday February 28.

Initiative Public Hearing Schedule

Tuesday, February 27, 12:30 p.m.

I-2111 (Personal Income Taxes) House Hearing Rm A /Virtual – sign up to testify

Wednesday February 28 , 8 a.m.

I-2081 (Parental Rights) House Hearing Rm A/ Virtual – sign up to testify

Wednesday, February 28, 9 a.m.

I-2113 (Police Pursuits) Senate Hearing Rm 4/ Virtual – sign up to testify

“Not every state allows citizen initiatives, but the people of Washington state are afforded this right to tell us what they want and when they do we must hear their voice, said Corry. “I encourage all those who care about these issues to take advantage of this opportunity to testify in person or virtually, or provide written testimony so we can clearly hear the voice of the people .”


Washington State House Republican Communications