Rep. Chris Corry releases statement on his support of legislation to repeal I-1639

Rep. Chris Corry, R-Yakima, co-sponsored legislation to repeal I-1639. Corry released the following statement regarding the proposal, House Bill 2103:

“I am a co-sponsor of this measure because I-1639 violates both the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Washington. It hurts law-abiding citizens in our state, especially in the 14th District.

“The majority of voters in the 14th District did not support I-1639. By supporting its repeal, I'm representing a majority of the people in my district. As an elected official, I swore an oath to uphold our Constitution. Repealing a law that's unjust or wrong is my duty, regardless of who enacted it. As legislators, we serve in order to right wrongs and I-1639 is wrong.

“One of our responsibilities at the Legislature is to fix bad legislation. I-1639 has created a constitutional problem for citizens as well as law enforcement in our state. While I look forward to the court overturning the law, I do not believe we need to sit idly by and watch our 2nd Amendment rights be stripped away. We have an obligation to fix the problem.”


Washington State House Republican Communications