Two bills authored by Rep. Chris Corry signed into law

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Two bills authored by Rep. Chris Corry signed into law

The governor affixed his signature to two bills authored by Rep. Chris Corry during a private bill signing recently.

Under House Bill 2758, emergency dispatch professionals suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can apply for workers’ compensation according to the same rules as other first responders, like police or firefighters.

Noting that PTSD often develops after repeated exposure to traumatic events, Corry, R-Yakima, says that 911 operators who deal with car crashes, suicide and domestic violence on a daily basis are prime candidates to develop that debilitating condition.

“Duty-related exposure to traumatic events puts emergency dispatch operators at risk for developing PTSD,” said Corry, R-Yakima. “This change is one way we can support these community service professionals when they need to seek mental health support.”

Another bill authored by the 14th District lawmaker, House Bill 2816, seeks to engage students, their families and communities in the development of effective and safe classroom management and behavioral strategies. The measure directs the Washington State School Directors’ Association to develop and update procedures and policies that foster a positive classroom climate. 

“To learn, students need to feel safe and supported. The goal of this bill is to put together classroom and school action plans so students have the right atmosphere for academic success,” continued Corry. “Although there is no single method that fits all schools, documenting standards and benchmarks helps us recognize essential elements of a positive learning environment. This model policy, which recognizes the important role of families, will help students and schools across the state.”

The legislative session adjourned March 12.


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