Rep. Chris Corry issues statement on House Democrats’ refusal to hear vehicular pursuit bill

Rep. Chris Corry, R-Yakima, issued the following statement on the House Democrats' refusal to vote on the bipartisan vehicular pursuit bill.

“I am absolutely astonished by the House Democrats' unconscionable decision to reject a motion that would have allowed a full debate and vote on the vehicular pursuit bill. House Bill 1363 is a bipartisan bill with 20 Democrat cosponsors that would have restored Washington's pursuit law so that police can once again chase suspects fleeing arrest.

“Violent crimes are up 12% across the state and the number of suspects fleeing arrest has increased by 150%. We have repeatedly heard from law enforcement, community members and elected officials about the danger the current policy creates. Sadly, we have seen the deadly outcomes.

“Last weekend, two innocent children were killed in Sunnyside by a wrong-way drunk driver. The police in that case wanted to chase the driver to prevent him from hurting anyone else but they could not pursue him under current law. House Bill 1363 would have restored the law to reasonable suspicion a crime has been committed, giving police the room they need to work and protect the public.

“But majority Democrats refused to move the bill through the normal process, despite 20 Democrat cosponsors. And in rejecting today's motion, they've blocked the House Republicans' attempt to bring the bill forward for a vote and debate on the House floor.

“House Democrats are prioritizing criminals over victims and public safety. Their decision to stand by the current misguided policy is irresponsible and will only continue to make our communities less safe.”


Washington State House Republican Communications