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Military & Veterans

Rep. Chris Corry, R-Yakima, visits the former U.S. Marine Corps Armory on 16th Avenue in Yakima, the site of new supportive housing for homeless Veterans and their families. Along with Rep....

Oct. 24, 2019

The Washington State Legislature passed the state's capital budget today (Sunday), just hours before adjourning the 2019 session. It includes several important projects for the Yakima Valley that were requested by Rep....

April 28, 2019

Rep. Chris Corry, R-Yakima, joins Capitol Report to discuss his first two weeks as a Representative, his legislation on foster care and legislation on homeless veterans.

Jan. 28, 2019

State Reps. Jeremie Dufault and Chris Corry are seeking $2.55 million from the state's capital budget to help pay for a $17 million project in Yakima that would provide supportive housing...

Jan. 22, 2019